Hopper Felt

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Hopper wading boots are very light in weight and remind you more of the hiking shoes. They are made out of strong nylon material and re-enforced with rubber bumper. The shoe opens up wide so it is very easy to put on and the nylon lace loops hold the laces while you tighten them up. High design with neoprene cushioning maximizes the comfort and support.

In 2016 we introduced a new improved Hopper wading boots with our revolutionary Gummi rubber soles. This is a combination which was asked from us again and again. We raised one-piece rubber bumper around the shoe and the Gummi sole with raised front is stitched through to secure it.

For season 2017 we’ll introduce an upgraded Hopper shoe with felt soles stitched through.

– Lightweight
– Made out of strong nylon
– Minimal amount of seams for longer life
– Comfortable neoprene lining
– Can be studded with Vision Tungsten studs
– Full felt soles & Gummi rubber soles
– Soles stitched through to secure them