Keeper Stripping Basket


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The use of this stripping basket will help you cast further and better control your fly line. When you are wading the use of stripping basket minimizes the friction from the coils on water surface and basically deletes those otherwise common and irritating situations when your fly line is coiled around a weed or caught to some stick or rock. When you are fishing from a boat, a stripping basket will minimize the effect of wind throwing your fly line off the boat and reduces considerably the possibility of getting you fly line around many objects lurking everywhere inside and outside your boat. Keeper stripping basket is made out of molded hard durable plastic (tested on the freezing cold Baltic Sea), with 8 plastic cones molded into the basket to keep your line from tangling up. The adjustable waist belt allows for a good fit when used normally around the waist. The additional adjustable neck strap gives you a chance to adjust the vertical position if you choose to attach the stripping basket around your thigh with the waist belt when you are not wading deep or when you are fishing from a boat or from a bank. Many anglers find that option better for the line control and for their shoulders and hands.

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