San River
(special stage)

Vision Fly Fishing School was established in 2001.

We offer two kinds of courses:

Instructor – Adam Sikora. This course will give you a solid foundation and will teach you all an angler is supposed to know. It’s aimed for beginners and intermediates.

Instructor – Piotr Gybej. In this course the stress is put onperfecting and mastering all different ways of fly casting. The course involves fishing under the watchful eye of the instructor. The course is aimed for upper-intermediates.

Adam Sikora in a nutshell: he is a three-time team word champion, two- time individual word champion and three-time champion of Poland. He was the Fly Fishing National Team Coach. He is an author of two books and press publications regarding fly fishing. He also co-creates and stars in TV series “Taaaka Ryba”.

Piotr Gybej: He received his fly fishing instructor certificate from the American Fly Fishing Association, IFFF as the youngest in Poland. At our Vision School, he runs casting courses. His passion and dedication effectively infects our students.

If you would like to take one of our courses with a group of friends, only three people will be required to set up an individual appointment and a training program.

We also offer integration trips for companies and large groups of people (up to 50 persons). In such cases we provide “made to measure” training program. Place and time of the event are set individually.

Dates showing in grey – flyfishing courses, instructor Adam Sikora.
Dates showing in orange –  casting techniques courses, instructor Piotr Gybej.

We organize the courses on the San River (special stage) in Zwierzyń.


13-15.04.2018 DOUBLE HANDED RODS. ADAM1. - fully booked

fully booked

27-29.04.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM2. - fully booked

fully booked

04-06.05.2018 CASTING TECHNIQUES COURSE. PIOTREK1. - fully booked

fully booked

18-20.05.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM3. - fully booked

fully booked

01-03.06.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM4. - fully booked

fully booked

22-24.06.2018 CASTING TECHNIQUES COURSE. PIOTREK2. - fully booked

fully booked

06-08.07.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM5. - fully booked

fully booked

03-05.08.2018 CASTING TECHNIQUES COURSE. PIOTREK3. - fully booked

fully booked

17-19.08.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM6. - fully booked

fully booked

24-26.08.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM7. - fully booked

fully booked

07-09.09.2018 CASTING TECHNIQUES COURSE. PIOTREK4. - fully booked

fully booked

21-23.09.2018 FLY FISHING COURSE. ADAM8. - fully booked

fully booked

All our courses are organized on the San River (special stage) in a village of Zwierzyń. River in this spot is famous for richness in fish population and often after just few hours beautiful specimens are being caught. We accommodate in a cosy, family run B&B „U Mirka i Dorotki” in Zwierzyń.

Vision also recommends other friendly places to stay in Zwierzyń and its neighborhood. For more info visit
You can also have a view of live cam showing the special stage of the San River.

Zwierzyń 3A
tel. 693 425 952

Zwierzyń 46A
tel. 665 962 239

Zwierzyń 15B
tel. 695 505 520

Zwierzyń 19
tel. 605 151 244

Łączki 80 k/Leska
tel. 13 469 66 65

Łączki k/Leska
tel. 697 713 134

Price for the course in 2018 is 490 zł. per person.

As part of this fee we provide participants with full equipment:
– fishing rod with reel and fly line,
– breathable waders and wading boots,
– vest, flies and leaders.

Please bring with you: polarized sunglasses or sun visiors (eye protection against stray fly), waterproof jacket, warm clothing under waders – thermal fleece recommended (water in the river even in the warmest summer days is very cold), cap or hat.
We limit the number of course participants to 5 per instructor.

Additional fees and costs::
– 200 PLN per person for accommodation and meals (rooms accommodate  2-3 people).

A single room option is available at the additional cost (to be paid at B&B):
– 30 zł / day (weekdays),
– 90 zł /day (weekends),
– fishing fees – OS San (San River, special stage).

Vision Polska bank account: 89 1050 1445 1000 0023 1006 2852

Standard Course Program


16:00 Arrival of participants, accommodation
17:00 Beginning of the training, discussion of fly fishing techniques, entomology of insects and ways of imitating them, handing out equipment
20:00 Dinner


8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Transfer to the fishery, explaining and showing casting techniques, introducing the basics of safe wading in the water, fly fishing tips
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Further training on water
18:00 End of water activities
19:00 Solid dinner, summary of the day, analysis of day casting  (training video material)


8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Transfer to the fishery, further learning to throw, fishing methods
15:00 End of water activities
15:30 Dinner
16:30 End of the course, departure of participants